Celebrating the success of the project “My Right to Education”

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Beautiful moments captured on Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10

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Celebrating the success of the project
"My Right to Education"

The Department of Education and Training in Bac Kan and Cao Bang provinces recently issued a document guiding the implementation of “Individual education plans for children with disability”. This was great news for all ChildFunders who have been working hard towards this success, especially members of the “My Right to Education” project team.

What does this success mean for children with disability, their community and ChildFund? Let’s find out through the short video below, featuring the sharing of Bac Kan and Cao Bang office representatives – Mr. Nguyen Ba Cuong and Ms. Ly Thi Phuong.

Contributed by: Nong Hong Hanh – Social Work Officer; Luc Huy Chung – Project Officer



ChildFund participating in the conference “Introducing Cao Bang”

News by: Communications team

On 3 October in Hanoi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the People’s Committee of Cao Bang province organised the conference “Introducing Cao Bang” with the theme…

On 3 October in Hanoi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the People’s Committee of Cao Bang province organised the conference “Introducing Cao Bang” with the theme “Cao Bang – connection and development”. At the event, many presentations from businesses, non-governmental organisations, embassies of countries in Vietnam, etc. were shared with the aim to help Cao Bang become a rapidly and sustainably developing province.
Since 2009, ChildFund Vietnam has implemented 46 projects in Cao Bang province with a total budget of nearly 300 billion VND. Through strong and effective partnership between ChildFund and local partners, many positive changes have been brought to the lives of children and families in the project areas.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Le Ngoc Bao, ChildFund Vietnam Head of Program shared: “During cooperation, we truly appreciate the initiative and growing capacity of local officials. I believe that with solidarity and unanimous determination which we have witnessed over the past decade, the people and leaders at all levels of Cao Bang province will always be able to seize opportunities and cooperate effectively to bring a bright future to children and the community.”

Technical workshop “Building school plans with the integration of Minimum Standards of Care (MSC)

News by: Lo Thuy Dung – Project Officer

On 13 and 14 October in Bac Kan city, the project…

On 13 and 14 October in Bac Kan city, the project “Safe and supportive semi-boarding school for students” has organised the technical workshop “Building school plans with the integration of Minimum Standards of Care (MSC) ” for six ethnic semi-boarding schools.
Here, participants including teachers, administrators from six project schools and officials from the education departments of Ngan Son and Thach An districts discussed the integration plan under the guidance of experts from the Department of Education and Training of Bac Kan province and the Department of Ethnic Education. In addition, they also exchange the duty descriptions of positions in semi-boarding schools and experiences in teaching independent living skills and social-emotional skills to students.
After the workshop, project schools will complete their school plan in October and begin putting it into practice from the second semester of the 2023-2024 school year.

Series of bonding activities for the core group of children in Hoa Binh province

News by: Nguyen Manh Cuong – Project Officer

Together, 25 core groups of children shared about their daily lives, hobbies, and issues they care about such as…

“I now have a better understanding of the opposite sex.”
“I feel heard and can freely share more about myself!”
Those are the sharings from members of children core groups after participating in bonding activities organised by the “Swipe Safe” project in Hoa Binh city in October.
Together, 25 core groups of children shared about their daily lives, hobbies, and issues they care about such as child protection and risks children may encounter online. This is among a series of activities implemented by the project to help children strengthen teamwork skills, gain knowledge about child protection online and in real life, as well as raise their voice on issues of their concern.

Activities of the project “Improving child protection system effectiveness” in October

News by: Nong Hong Hanh – Social Work Officer

The project “Improving child protection system effectiveness” organised many meaningful activities…

The project “Improving child protection system effectiveness” organised many meaningful activities in Cao Bang province in October.
Training courses to improve skills and knowledge on case management for members of the child protection standing group were organised.
Basic knowledge about child protection such as forms and signs of child abuse, skills to prevent child abuse was provided to the core group of parents and focal teachers. They also received guidance to share knowledge with the core group of children and other parents/caregivers in the community.

“My Right to Education” project activities in Bac Kan and Cao Bang provinces

News by: Ly Thi Phuong – Project Officer

Let’s take a look at recent activities of the project…

Let’s take a look at recent activities of the project “My right to education phase 2” implemented by ChildFund Vietnam and our partners in Bac Kan and Cao Bang:
Nearly 2,000 children with disability are supported with better inclusive education through the improvement of schools’ inclusive education plans and individual education plans suitable with children’s abilities and support resources at school and at home. This result was obtained after the Department of Education and Training of the two provinces organised training on the replication of the project model.
In addition, 40 core provincial-level officials also improved capacity in building and implementing individual education plans for children with disability, operating an inclusive education classroom, and consulting for parents of children with disability.
A total of 111 people including 98 children received disability screening in Quang Hoa and Na Ri districts. After the screening, access to policies and laws for people with disability and monitoring and support for children with disability have also been promoted in the community.

More than 200 core students in Hoa Binh province received training on reproductive/sexual health and SEL

News by: Ung Thi Hien – Project Officer

In October 2023, the project “Health and wellbeing for students” organised 10 trainings for more than 200 core students of Ngo Luong, Quyet Chien, Phu Vinh, Phu Cuong, Ngoc My, Trung Hoa and Ngoi Hoa secondary schools.
Exciting interactive activities have provided students with operating and communication skills, with which they will be ready to lead and run class/group activities for fellow students on topics such as reproductive health, sexual health, and social-emotional learning.


Beautiful moments captured on Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10

On 20 October, ChildFund Vietnam offices organised exciting activities to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day. Thanks to the organisation’s Trade Union, our ladies have each received a beautiful ao dai!

❤In Hanoi Office, ChildFund staffs gathered at a coffee shop to chat and enjoy fun games together. There was also a special photoshoot organised, giving each Hanoi staff a shiny new profile picture 😀

❤Staffs in Cao Bang office went on a trip to Thung mountain and Moc house with colorful ao dai uniform in yellow!

❤In Bac Kan, staffs had a celebration at the office with sincere sharings and discussions on gender equality in the work place and at home, as well as gender roles in protecting the rights and interests of women and children.

❤Hoa Binh Office will celebrate this day in conjunction with International Men’s Day on 19 November. Let’s look forward to beautiful photos from them in the next internal newsletter!

Contributed by: Pham Ngoc Ngan Anh, Vu Thi Huyen, Trieu Thuy Nga, Ha Thi Dao (Assistant & Administrative Officers of all offices)

Grilled meat in pomelo leaf - Delicacy of the Muong people

Have you ever had the pleasure of savoring grilled meat in pomelo leaf, a delicacy of the Muong people in Hoa Binh province? Apart from providing nutritional value, this dish – a perfect blend of sweet, bitter, and spicy flavors – is also considered a precious remedy for the body, aiding in digestion and stabilising blood pressure according to the beliefs of the Muong people.

The best meat for this dish is the “local pig,” a type of pig raised freely in the local people’s garden. After initial preparation, the meat is finely minced and marinated with various spices and aromatic herbs found in the forest or picked from the home garden, such as “dổi” seeds, “mắc khén” seeds, betel leaves, polygonum leaves, cilantro, basil, and peppermint.

Pomelo leaves from local pomelo trees, wild pomelo, and sour pomelo are used to wrap the pork. These pomelo leaves have a more intense and aromatic flavor compared to other types of pomelo. The pork is grilled over charcoal until the pomelo leaves turn purple. When eaten, the crispy pomelo leaves blend harmoniously with the taste of the meat, eliminating any sense of greasiness and leaving a tingling sensation on the tongue.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Hoa Binh, do not forget to indulge in this special dish!



To celebrate the action months of RESPECT value and promote activities to reduce electricity consumption in the office (October, November, December), let’s do a quick memory and knowledge check about RESPECT and ways to reduce electricity consumption through the short quiz below!

Contributed by: Pham Ngoc Ngan Anh – Administrative Assistant

Created on By editor


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Điều nào sau đây KHÔNG PHẢI là một phần của giá trị Tôn trọng?/ Which of the below is not a part of RESPECT value?

2 / 4

"Chúng tôi lắng nghe và quan tâm đến mọi người" có phải là một phần của giá trị Tôn trọng không?/ Is "We treat everybody with fairness and dignity" a part of our RESPECT value?

3 / 4

Đâu là lợi ích khi tiết kiệm năng lượng? Which of these are benefits of saving electricity?

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Hành động nào sau đây gây lãng phí năng lượng?/ Which of the following actions waste electricity?

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The average score is 84%



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