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Stroke, burns, drowning, etc. are critical situations that any of us might encounter in our daily lives. If provided with timely and proper first aid, victims may have a much higher chance of survival and recovery. Acknowledging the importance of these skills, every three years, ChildFund organises a course to equip and refresh first aid skills for the organisation’s staff.  

In June, thanks to guidance from Safi and Hoa Binh Provincial Red Cross, ChildFunders in Ha Noi and Hoa Binh offices got to learn and practice essential first aid skills to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. Looking back at the photos from these two engaging sessions, do you remember the skills you have learnt? To review those skills, please refer to the training materials here and watch the following instructional videos:

  1. Video on the importance of proper chest compressions: Adults should be compressed to a depth of 5cm, while it is 4cm for children (under 1 year old).
  2. Drowning First Aid Skill
  3.  Airway Obstruction First Aid Skill



Communications training to spread the voice of people with disability

News by: Communications team

Recently, in Na Ri district (Bac Kan province), ChildFund Vietnam organised…

Recently, in Na Ri district (Bac Kan province), ChildFund Vietnam organised a training course to enhance the communications capacity for nearly 30 members of the Na Ri district Organisation of People with Disability (OPD) (Bac Kan province) and the Self-Help Group of Quang Hoa district (Cao Bang province). The course covered key topics such as the communication process, communication planning, writing articles on social networking sites, writing press releases, etc.
The activity received enthusiastic participation from OPD members, providing a strong foundation for enhancing communication skills within the community of people with disability. In the near future, ChildFund Vietnam will continue to offer training in graphic design, filming, photography, and managing a Facebook Fanpage to help OPD members be more confident when conveying their messages and sharing their stories.

Summary of the innovation movement in teaching in Hoa Binh

News by: Dinh Thi Thu Ha – Project Officer

On 13 June, the Department of Education and Training of Hoa Binh province organised an event to evaluate…

Participating were more than 100 delegates including representatives from the Department of Education and Training at the province, district, and city level, managers and teachers of preschools, primary, and secondary schools participating in the innovation movement in the area.
With support from the “Ready for Primary School” project, schools in the province have received trainings and organised activities such as: Supporting children in the transition period from preschool to primary school, promoting student’s language development by applying learning through play, implementing preferential allowances for teachers of people with disability, etc. Up to now, 100% of schools have applied the learning through play method for students. Most schools have implemented record management using online platforms or QR codes.

At the event, delegates also discussed difficulties and obstacles during the implementation process, and contributed ideas to further improve the province’s educational activities in the coming school year.

Summer Camp 2024 – Exciting, fun and safe!

News by: Nguyen Manh Cuong – Project Officer

On 14 and 15 June, two projects “Swipe Safe” and “Empowering digital learning for all”…

On 14 and 15 June, two projects “Swipe Safe” and “Empowering digital learning for all” collaborated with the Hoa Binh City Youth Union to organise Children’s Summer Camp 2024 with the theme: “Safe and fun summer, joining hands to prevent drowning and minimise harm to children”.

More than 2,000 children and 400 Youth Union members from 16 wards and communes participated in the Summer Camp’s exciting activities such as: Drawing competition on topics of online and offline child protection, drowning prevention for children, digital transformation activities at schools, folk games (sack jumping, tug of war, slow cycling), etc.

This event does not only kick start a series of fun summer activities for local children, but also give children the opportunity to learn useful knowledge and skills for a healthy and safe summer.


Positive results from online safety training for secondary school students in Cao Bang

News by: Tham Thi Loan – Project Officer

100% of core teachers have had the capacity…

– 100% of core teachers have had the capacity to develop lessons and retrain other teachers and school staff on online safety content
– The training curriculum is considered fitting and helpful by teachers and students in helping students avoid risks online

These results were shared at the workshop “Summary of online safety training for secondary school students” held on 15 June in Cao Bang city. Participating in the event, 70 delegates from 18 secondary schools in the area have discussed successes and challenges in teaching online safety curriculum for students in the 2023 – 2024 school year.

In the coming school year, although the “Swipe Safe” project has ended, participating schools still agreed to continue implementing this model and to further promote it to schools in Quang Hoa district, Cao Bang province.

ChildFund attends a session on “Building Online Child Protection Products – Services Ecosystem”

News by: Communications team

“The contribution of organisations such as ChildFund…

“The contribution of organisations such as ChildFund and World Vision in connecting the implementation of businesses’ social responsibility is very important, especially in online child protection.”

The above was a part of a speech of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Vice President of Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), Chairman of Vietnam Cyber Safety for Children Club (VCSC) at the discussion session “Building an ecosystem of products and services for online child protection: Opportunities and challenges” held on 25 June in Hanoi.

ChildFund Vietnam’s Online Safety Specialist participated in the discussion with speakers from VNCERT/CC Center (Department of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications), Information Technology Company VNPT, SCS Cyber Security Company, FPT Telecom Company, and World Vision Vietnam.

Together, the speakers discussed opportunities and challenges in developing online child protection products and services, businesses’ social responsibility, as well as directions in building an ecosystem of online child protection products and services in the future.
This discussion session is part of the “Ceremony to announce the basic standards TCCS 03:2024/VNISA for online child protection products and services” jointly organised by VNISA and VCSC.


Discover meaningful communication product from “SEL  Squad”

News by: Nguyen Thi Ha Lan – SEL Technical Officer

Click here to watch the product video from “SEL Squad”!

Through the project “Health and wellbeing for students”, “SEL Squads” consisting of secondary school students in Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province with similar interests have been established. Together, the students chose problems to solve related to mental health and came up with ideas, planned, and implemented social-emotional learning (SEL) projects themselves with support from their teacher.
After three to five weeks of project implementation, many impressive and unique products were presented by the students at the event to summarise SEL lessons. With their knowledge, creativity, and leadership ability, students can accomplish great things that would surprise both teachers and parents!

Let’s take a look at one of their impressive communication products about the psychological counselling room below!


Mai Chau sticky rice

Mai Chau (Hoa Binh province) has long been famous for its “Xoi nep nuong” (or sticky rice) – a dish that carries not only the cultural characteristics of the Thai ethnic group but also symbolises the strong bonds of the people in the highlands.

While other types of sticky rice are usually small and elongated, Mai Chau sticky rice is large, round, and plump. Initially white, Mai Chau sticky rice turns almost translucent after being sun-dried. It undergoes the steaming process twice in a wooden steamer especially crafted by the Thai people to ensure that the sticky rice is well-cooked, soft, and chewy without being too sticky. Additionally, Thai people also enhance the visual appeal of the dish by adding colors from various vegetables and roots, creating a vibrant plate with green, purple, red, blue, and yellow hues.

“Nep nuong” sticky rice is often served alongside buffalo meat grilled over an open flame, grilled fish, pork, or roasted chicken. On chilly days, holding a warm plate of “Nep nuong” sticky rice in your hands, combined with the aromatic flavor of grilled meat and the pungent taste of “mac khen” – a special local dipping salt, is truly delightful!


Music is not only a source of entertainment but is also a factor affecting our mood and ability to concentrate while working. Below are some types of music that can help us boost our efficiency. Try them out to see which one suits you the best!

Baroque music, with its steady rhythm and complex melodies, is believed to have the capacity to enhance concentration. The works of Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi are often used in workplaces to promote a professional working atmosphere. 

Example: 2 hours Baroque Adagios30 most famous Baroque pieces

Instrumental music helps listeners avoid being distracted by lyrics and focus entirely on their work. Piano, guitar, or instrumental electronic music are popular choices.

Example: Cafe New Age Piano Music

Natural sounds such as flowing streams, birdsong, or ocean waves can create a tranquil space, helping the mind relax and focus better.

Example: Flowing Stream Sound

Classical music, with its richness in harmony and structure, can enhance concentration and creativity. Masterpieces by Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin are often favoured by listeners when they need to focus on work.

Example: World’s Classical Music Masterpieces


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