A cosy chat on Vietnamese Doctors' Day

ChildFund Vietnam is very excited to celebrate Vietnamese Doctors’ Day! On this occasion, let’s have a chat with some of our staffs who are working daily for the health of children in our project area.

Nguyen Ngoc Thach

Health Specialist – Hanoi Office

Ung Thi Hien

Project Officer – Hoa Binh Office

Luc Huy Chung

Project Officer – Bac Kan Office

Thank you for participating in this month’s feature story! How are you feeling on this Vietnamese Doctors’ Day?

Thach: Like many others working in the medical field, I feel very happy and proud. Vietnamese Doctors’ Day is an opportunity for us to honour all individuals who have been contributing to the healthcare sector, no matter if their contributions are small, large, direct or indirect.

Chung: This year’s Doctors’ Day has been particularly special to me as my project activities have allowed me to meet many people working in the healthcare field. I have personally sent my best wishes to our partners, and I am grateful for the encouragement and support I have received back from my family and colleagues.

Hien: The 27th of February always brings me a lot of joy with wishes from my family, colleagues, and friends.

Chung speaking at the Launching Workshop of the project “The first 1000 day-approach for bright future” in Cao Bang province. 

Although you did not directly examine and treat patients, I’m sure your medical expertise must have been applied extensively in ChildFund Vietnam’s activities?

ThachDuring more than a year working with ChildFund Vietnam, I’ve had the opportunity to make contributions to the organisation’s health project activities through field research, investigation, and project design. With my medical knowledge and colleagues’ assistance, two new health projects have successfully been developed. While building a project is challenging, implementing it effectively to create long-term impacts is even more difficult. Hopefully, with consensus and determination, my colleagues and I will overcome them all.


Chung: As an Inter-regional Project Officer with 14 years of experience in implementing health projects, I have applied my knowledge, experience, and general understanding of the grassroots health system to support communication activities as well as other activities of the projects.

Hien: Starting out as a medical staff specialising in Obstetrics and Gynecology, I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience in ChildFund’s maternal and child health care projects.

Hien and Thach at the Summary Workshop of the project “Equal access to quality health services for mothers and children in mountainous areas in Kim Boi and Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province in the period 2019-2022” .

Lastly, can you share with us a memorable moment from your medical career?

Thach: I still remember back in 2012, when I participated in a communication event for the community in celebration of Breastfeeding week. I, a young man with a baby face back then, sat there and answered questions from women about breastfeeding. That’s not something you can forget 😄

Chung: I remember this one time on a field trip when the road was extremely bad even to walk on. I had to walk all the way to the fields on the hillsides where mothers were working to conduct interviews. That’s when I realised how challenging it is for health workers to provide health care services for people living in the mountainous areas. Despite this, they still show incredible enthusiasm and dedication to meet patients face-to-face and carry out real, meaningful work.

Hien: I once worked with the local partner to help a child in Cuoi Ha commune, Kim Boi district get an eye surgery. Witnessing the child growing more and more confident on his journey to reach his dreams was definitely a memorable moment for me.




News by: Communications team

On 07 Feb 2023, the regular bi-month meeting of the Leave No One Behind Vietnam Partnership (LNOB Vietnam)…

On 07 Feb 2023, the regular bi-month meeting of the Leave No One Behind Vietnam Partnership (LNOB Vietnam) was conducted both virtually and in-person at Save The Children Vietnam representative office. The meeting was attended by representatives of member organisations: MSD Vietnam, ChildFund Vietnam, Save the Children in Vietnam, VUFO NGO Resource Centre, World Vision Vietnam, WWF-Việt Nam, ActionAid Vietnam, Plan International Vietnam, and IDEA.
In the meeting, members discussed the executing plan for upcoming activities, including: Update data analysis outcomes and build plans to promote and systematise citizen-generated data in Vietnam, discuss plans to contribute to Vietnam VNR 2023 and activities in the upcoming term, etc.
LNOB Vietnam was established in 2017 with the mission to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable groups through the inclusive and widespread implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
ban tru


News by: Hoang Van Hung – Project Coordinator

The playground and the area near the cafeteria are frequent clothes drying spaces for semi-boarding students…

The playground and the area near the cafeteria are frequent clothes drying spaces for semi-boarding students at Thuan Mang Primary & Secondary School in Bac Kan province. Since the students spend all day in class and the drying area does not have a roof, the students’ clothes often get wet due to rain and many of them have no choice but to come to school in wet clothes.
With support from the project “Safe and Supportive Semi-boarding Schools for students”, a roofed clothes drying space has been built at the school, helping the students to feel at ease and focus better on their learning.
Photo provided by ChildFund Vietnam and Mr. Toan, Principal of Thuan Mang Primary & Secondary School for Ethnic Minorities.
6 thang


News by: Ung Thi Hien – Project Officer

More than 3,000 children were equipped with knowledge on Child Protection and Online Safety…

More than 3,000 children were equipped with knowledge on Child Protection and Online Safety; 1,511 caregivers have gained valuable information about child care in the first six months of the fiscal year 2022-23. In addition, teachers and medical staff have also improved their professional capacity, whereas some local schools have been able to upgrade their facilities.
Those were some of the statistics reported in the Meeting to summarise project activities during the first six months and propose plans for the last six months of 2022-2023, taking place in Hoa Binh province. Attending were representatives of the Program Management Unit of Kim Boi District, Management Board of Non-Governmental Projects of Tan Lac District, and representatives of the Project Implementation Team.
In the meeting, delegates also raised some difficulties/challenges and initiated ideas to ensure smooth execution of the projects in the last six months of 2022-23. These proposals received positive responses with a high consensus among the attendees.


News by: Do Duong Hien – Online Safety Specialist

In the middle of February, within the framework of the project “Improving child protection system effectiveness”…

In the middle of February, within the framework of the project “Improving child protection system effectiveness”, two workshops were conducted in Hanoi city.
On 15 Feb, the workshop “Suggestions to finalise the survey report on Child Protection Service Providers” took place with the participation of leaders and experts from the Department of Child Affairs, Department of Finance and Planning, Department of Social Assistance, Departments of Labour, service providers and non-governmental organisations. The report presented during the workshop has received positive feedback, laying a foundation for the development of economic and technical standards for child protection services and other related welfare services.
On 16 Feb, representatives of the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Adolescents, Authority of Information Security (Ministry of Communication), Departments from Public Security, Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), Vietnam Association for Protection of Child Rights (VACR) and other non-governmental organisations participated in the workshop “Orientations and Priorities for cooperation in promoting children’s rights in 2023”. The workshop was aimed at informing about the activities of the child protection network, thus strengthening coordination and collaboration in implementing children’s rights.
These activities have demonstrated the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organisations in promoting child protection and the implementation of children’s rights in Vietnam.


News by: Ta Doanh Thu Hoai – Intern in Bac Kan Office

On 18-19 February, lead tenants of semi-boarding rooms at Thuong An Primary & Secondary School excitedly participated in the 1st independent life skills…

On 18-19 February, lead tenants of semi-boarding rooms at Thuong An Primary & Secondary School excitedly participated in the 1st independent life skills training course for semi-boarding students, organised by the Program Management Unit of Ngan Son district in collaboration with the “Safe and Supportive Semi-boarding Schools for students” project.
The course provided students with useful knowledge about personal hygiene, emergency handling, and dormitory cleaning. These essential skills will help students form good habits when living together.
In addition, to support the school and semi-boarding students to build a good living environment away from home, the project has equipped each boarding room with a new, stronger cabinet for students to store books and keep their living space tidy.


News by: Ly Thi Phuong – Project Officer

“Today is the first time I use a computer, I feel quite nervous and excited. At first I was confused with the keyboard, but later on I was able to find a lot of information…

Today is the first time I use a computer, I feel quite nervous and excited. At first I was confused with the keyboard, but later on I was able to find a lot of information and lively illustrations which helped me to better understand the marine environment!” – N., an 8th grader at Thuy Hung school, Cao Bang province excitedly shared after Geography class in the newly equipped computer room.
On 27 February, 15 sets of computers, 01 screen and 01 voltage stabiliser were handed over to Thuy Hung school, improving the quality of education for 125 ethnic minority children in primary and secondary school here.
According to the school plan, the computer room will be used for students to practice in Informatics, Creative Experience and Local Education. The Thach An district Education & Training Department has also reciprocated funding to equip new tables, chairs, and other facilities for the school’s computer room.



In February at the Hanoi Office, a technical workshop on Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) in program was held with the participation of ChildFund Vietnam staff from all four offices – Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Cao Bang, and Bac Kan. Through the workshop, members were updated with some GEDSI concepts in the Vietnamese context and given the opportunity to share their own experiences and practices of GEDSI in daily work.

Global Communications Workshop

Vietnam was recently selected as the host country for the ChildFund Global Communication Workshop. Through a series of exciting presentations and discussions, within five days from 27 February to 3 March, communication officers and specialists from ChildFund Australia, Laos, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Vietnam and Sports for Development (S4D) have had the opportunity to meet and exchange many valuable experiences. The group also took a field trip to Hoa Binh province to observe and learn from S4D and Swipe Safe project activities.

For ChildFund staff from other countries, this is an opportunity for them to experience the beauty of Vietnam through the seductive scent of egg coffee, colorful water puppet shows, and unique flavours of the local cuisine. Let’s look back at some memorable moments from the workshop through photos taken by members of the global communications team!


While “Ap Chao” can be found in many northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam, the most delicious and special “Ap Chao” is made in Cao Bang province.

“Ap Chao” is also known as “Cao Bang’s version of savory fried dough” since its filling is different from other regions’ fried dough dishes. Instead of minced meat, wood ear and vermicelli like the lowland’s version, duck meat is chosen to be the filling for this famous dish. The rice used to make the batter must be good, freshly harvested and grounded. The most commonly used type is the glutinous rice grown in Trung Khanh, Bao Lac and the Doan Ket rice grown in Tra Linh.

If you have the opportunity to visit Cao Bang province on your field trips, definitely give this dish a try!


Facts: Antibiotics only work against bacteria. Many people with the flu take antibiotics but they are ineffective since the flu is caused by a virus, not bacteria.

Facts: Passive smoking is divided into two types. Type 1 passive smokers are those who come in contact with a smoker, while type 2 passive smokers are those who come in contact with type 1 passive smokers. Both types of exposure are potentially harmful to our health, so it is best to avoid smoking, even passively.

Facts: Vitamins only regulate functions in the body and should be taken with cautions. Consuming excessive amounts of vitamins can have adverse effects on the body and lead to outward signs of harm.


Alcohol makes us feel hot on the outside, but that is because when you drink alcohol, blood is mobilsed from our internal organs to our skin, making us look rosier. This means that at the same time, the temperature in the centre of our body is lowered. Alcohol also reduces the body’s ability to shiver, which is a natural response to cold weather that helps us generate heat and keep ourselves warm. Thus, alcohol will only make us colder, not warmer in the winter.

Facts: Since the earth’s surface is actually closer to the sun during winter months, we are exposed to even more harmful ultraviolet rays during winter without realising it. So even in the winter, you should still take measures to protect your skin from the risk of cancer.


February 2023


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