Young people empowered to voice their concerns


On 11 December 2018, the workshop on the co-research conducted by youth groups in Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province, its process and results was organised by ChildFund Vietnam, in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Tan Lac District and the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE).

This is a core activity under ChildFund Vietnam’s ‘Youth’s Choice’ project implemented in Tan Lac district from December 2017 to December 2018. 123 members in the communities, including 25 core co-researchers have worked together to understand their matters of concerns in the community.

Tan Lac district is located in the Northwest of Vietnam. The district population is 85.700 people in 2017. 19% of the population in seven ChildFund’s project communes is 15 – 24 year-old people and 47% is over 25 year-old. Many local issues relate to young people in the district, among those the two most emerging are jobless and their limited involvement in the local socio-economic development planning process.

The project focuses on the empowerment for young people to identify their crucial issues, putting forward measures and inspiring other members in the communities to take action in sharing information and having the same outlook.


Mr. Pham Ngoc Tung, Vice Head of The ChildFund’s Program Management Unit in Tan Lac District opens the workshop.


 Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh, Project Coordinator from iSEE introduces on the approach, method of the co-research and similar projects.


First youth group from Muong Bi secondary school discusses the finding on school’s career orientation.


Second youth group from Muong Bi secondary school presents their co-research on Internet usage through a short play.


Nien representing the youth group in Phu Vinh commune introduces their findings on the use of pesticide on sugarcane.


Hoc (first from left), describes her achievement through the word ‘knowledge’: When participating in this co-research, I learned to communicate and understand social issues better.


Workshop participants learn about the co-research process and findings of each youth group.


Co-researchers receive certificate of recognition.

Through this activity, young people had the opportunities to enhance their background about local issues and civil duties and rights, implement their own initiatives and develop their personal values and inner capacities. By doing this, they will become more self-confident and be able to make decisions for their lives and communities.

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