World Children’s Day


In the past week we all celebrated the World Children’s Day with many activities.

In Vietnam, ChildFund has worked with communities to implement various initiatives to bring about positive changes to children and their families in the past 23 years. On this occasions, let’s have a look at what have been done at communities to reflect our commitment of creating lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children's rights.

Of the child right groups, we list:




  • Participation Rights: ChildFund has supported children and youth to express their ideas in decisions that are related to them by promoting their meaningful participation at their families, schools and communities.


On this occasion, we are grateful for all the dedication and support that make these positive outcomes possible. Children and youth are living in an increasingly turbulent world and by providing them with skills and knowledge, enabling them to be safe, confident and resilient, able to cope with those challenges and play active, constructive roles in the world, we hopethey are soon able to say “I am safe”, “I am educated”, “I am heard” and “I have a future”.

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