Protect children not only in the National Action Month for Children


On 6 June 2020, the Ministry of Labor - Invalids & Social Affairs run the National Action Month for Children’s launching ceremony at Dich Vong Secondary School, Hanoi.

This year’s theme is "Joining hands to protect children, preventing and combating child abuse", aiming at mobilising the more active participation of the authorities, socio-political organisations, families and communities in protecting children.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dao Ngoc Dung- the Minister of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, emphasised: “There are three things we have to do as quickly as possible. First, detecting incidents quickly and getting the right move from the beginning stage. Second, taking the fastest and most severe actions for tackling child abuse and violence. Third, providing the fastest and the best intervention for children". 

Mr. Dao Ngoc Dung- the Minister of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs with the students from Dich Vong Secondary school (Photo: ChildFund Vietnam)

Representing millions of Vietnamese children, Dang Thuy Linh – a student from Dich Vong Secondary School, shared her thoughts: “We also understand that the happiness of children is dependent on not only how we are taken care by the adults, but also how we improve our awareness and behaviour to protect ourselves better and get more opportunities in life. I also would like to speak to all students in our country that, together we could try our best to study, grow and participate actively in collective activities to equip ourselves with the best preparation to embrace the future”.  

In the National Action Month for Children, many meaningful communication messages are also spread, including: Saying “no” to child abuse, Listening to children with your heart and protecting them by your actions, Keeping children safe at home is the responsibility of parents and family members.

(Photo: ChildFund Vietnam)

As a child-focused organisation, ChildFund Vietnam always has child safety and their comprehensive development the top concerns. ChildFund works with authorities across governance levels to carry out communication activities and support child protection within the scope and capabilities of both the organisation and its local partners. We also always share accurate information with children, thereby promoting their participation, voice and representation in related issues.

Please find out at or for more information related to child protection, online safety for children and other child related support activities. 

Call the National Child Protection Hotline 111 for support in child protection and install the Mobile App 111 (available on both IOS and Androidto report child abuse or children at risk of violence, exploitation and neglect.

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