Improving legal knowledge of child protection for local social work officers


Early in August, 2018, ChildFund Vietnam, in cooperation with Kim Boi District Project Management Board, held the “Laws and Policies Related to Child Protection” training course for a group of social work officers at district and commune levels in Kim Boi, Hoa Binh.

ChildFund’s Child Protection officers and specialist leading the discussion

Kim Boi is a mountainous district in Hoa Binh with many socio-economic difficulties. According to a report by Kim Boi District People’s Committee in 2015, five out of six ChildFund project communes have had much higher rates of poverty than the average figure of the whole district.

This situation partially led to issues that children and youth are facing in daily life, including but not limited to the lack of safe playgrounds for children, insignificantly decreased child marriage; in some localities, cases of child abuse was not reported in time causing inadequate intervention and support.

A ChildFund baseline survey in 2014 indicates that about 37% of girls and 46% of boys did not have their voices heard at home, schools and in their communities. Meanwhile, child protection information was not shared among managerial staff and teachers, which made these duty bearers, who often had contact with children, lack knowledge of protecting them.

Since 2017, ChildFund has supported the implementation of VN03 – 024, “Strengthening Community Based Child Protection” project. The project aims at improving capacity of duty bearers of the community based child protection mechanism and developing children’s and youth’s resilience through child participation and child protection into community initiatives.

Social work officers doing a consultation activity in a training session

As part of the project, a “Laws and policies related to child protection” training course was held in Kim Boi, Hoa Binh in August, 2018 by ChildFund in cooperation with Hagar Vietnam.

Attending the training course, social work officers got to understand child related law and policies and and made practical plan to apply them effectively in their daily activities related to child protection.

For participants, it is much easier to learn about law and policy thanks to well-designed and informative training sessions that applied a user friendly approach.

Bui Thi Kieu, a social work officer attending the course shared: “I am not only equipped with knowledge of laws and policies but also capable of finding them on the internet to serve my further studies. I believe I will be able to carry out my task better and facilitate a more comprehensive child protection service system as well as help children access those services”.

The discussion result was shared to all participants of the training course

In the coming months, the project will consult with partners to extent this training course to all project areas of ChildFund in Vietnam.

ChildFund Vietnam has been supporting community development programs in six communes of Cuoi Ha, Du Sang, Hop Dong, Kim Truy, Nuong Dam and Thuong Tien of Kim Boi district since 2010. ChildFund’s programs focus on education, water and sanitation, sustainable livelihoods, child rights and child protection, food security, mother and child healthcare including HIV prevention. ChildFund also prioritises building resilience for the youth by providing them with opportunities to play sports, to get career and life skill training and supporting them in making decisions in their communities.


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