Enhance the access to information source for children in Nam Hoam


The Nam Hoam Child Club was established in 2012 in Quang Vinh, Cao Bang. It has 18 members and is a mix of children from the Tay and Nung ethnic groups. Every month, the club organises a get-together session to enhance its participants’ knowledge about different topics like child rights, injury and risk prevention, violation and child labour.

Children are also provided with easy access to different education and entertainment activities such as reading books, playing some popular games like badminton, table tennis and chess after school hours. Helping to maintain the child club is one of the activities that ChildFund is carrying out in the project communities so that both children and their caregivers can improve community awareness of child rights and increase the voice and agency of children in decisions that affect them so they can grow up in a safe, supportive and enabling environment, protected from abuse, exploitation and injury.

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