Developing applications to support Vietnam’s child protection on internet


On 12 July 2018. Microsoft Vietnam, ChildFund Vietnam and Department of Child Affairs sign a Memorandum of Understanding on their cooperation in building a child protection application. Accordingly, Microsoft Vietnam will sponsor VND 5.4 billion for the research and development of information system, reports of suspected child abuse and applications to protect children on the internet.

The signing ceremony took place under the framework of the workshop Building national network for child online safety jointly organized by ChildFund Vietnam, Microsoft Vietnam, MSD, Vietnet-ICT. Specialists from organizations working in the field of child protection also shared their practical experiences as well as lesson learnt from other countries within the region while carrying out activities on protecting children on internet.

Attending the signing ceremony are Mr. Pham The Truong – General Director of Microsoft Vietnam, Mr. Dang Hoa Nam – Head of Department of Child Affairs, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lien – Country Director of ChildFund Vietnam, and other representatives from Ministries, Departments, Sectors related to child protection in Vietnam.

As stated in the Memorandum of Understanding, during 25 months from July 2018, Microsoft will support ChildFund VND 5.4 billion including cost of developing two applications, awareness-raising communications events and software license, data management platform.

Specifically, the grant will be used in developing a web-based information system in which users can report child abuse cases in order to protect children, strengthen the adaptability of children and young people in the community as well as an application to ensure the safety of children on the internet.

These two applications will initially be used under the framework of two projects namely VN03-024 – Strengthening Local Child Protection System Effectiveness and VN03-033 – Swipe Safe funded by ChildFund and implemented by ChildFund’s partners in Hoa Binh, Cao Bang, and Bac Kan province.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Pham The Truong - General Director of Microsoft Vietnam said, “We are living in a fast moving, connected world, filled with new complex issues every day. This project is one of the initiatives Microsoft is working with NGOs to solve social challenges, improve the human condition and drive new growth equally with technology. We believe in good outcomes from this project and so, our children can live in a healthier environment.”

On the discussion panel under the framework of the workshop, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Lien shared the motivational message on behalf of ChildFund Vietnam, “We all realize the benefits that internet brings to users. Internet, however, also poses some potential dangers towards children as they are still immature and have limited skill in dealing with risks. As organizations being active in the area of child protection, when all interested parties can gather in an event like today, I believe we will be able to propose solutions to response to the current situation.”

ChildFund Vietnam believes that Microsoft grant for our organisation will continue to enhance the effectiveness of child protection services at the grass-roots level and strive to replicate good practice models nationwide.

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