Building children's resilience through school activities


Ten-year-old Hang is a Grade Four student who has been living with her aunt in Cao Bang after her parents separated several years ago. Experiencing difficulty at an early age, she has had low confidence and found it hard to connect with other children.

“Hang used to be sad and desired to have friends to play with,” shares her aunt.

However, after joining her primary school’s Theatre Group through ChildFund Vietnam’s ‘Learning With Fun’ project, Hang’s true personality has started to show.

“Playing roles has enabled me to speak out and practice my teamwork skills”, says Hang.

The ‘Learning With Fun’ project aims to help children improve their life skills and confidence through extra-curricular activities. By joining different interest groups, children learn how to work with others and also problem-solve independently.

Hang’s Theatre Group often play roles after school and at special events – and use a method of improvisational theatre to express their feelings and impressions of life. The children have learnt how to act as natural elements, such as trees and animals, and discussed how they like to spend their time and their aspirations for the future, with these activities encouraging their imagination and self-expression, and increasing their confidence.

Through role playing, Hang has learnt to overcome negative emotions quickly, is less sensitive to comments made by her classmates, and has become more open-minded to other people’s ideas. Her classmates now also have a better understanding of Hang’s circumstances and are aware of how to best communicate with her.

“Hang is a good friend! She often has good ideas in playing roles,” shares Trang, Hang’s classmate.

“Playing roles makes me feel happy and forget sorrow quickly. I really miss my friends when I must have days off,” says Hang.




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