Photo story
"I hope everyone living on the Earth will save water by using it appropriately for the lasting availability of this valuable resource to human lives”.
Thang Van Anh and Thang Van Khanh are two brothers from almost 400 malnourished children under five years old in 6 project communes in Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province who participate in a ChildFund nutrition project.
Sounds from gongs are unique melodies that sign the spring is coming to ethnic minorities in the ChildFund supported areas.
“It’s so great. I’ve got a new jacket!” Nong Ngoc Le, a 5 year- old boy in Cu Le pre-school, Bac Kan province shares his happiness to receive a new warm jacket from ChildFund in Vietnam.
Making use of available materials to creat useful house tools to improve water and saniation conditions is a crucial principal of the Participatory, Action-Orientation Training (PAOT) approach.