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In the past week we all celebrated the World Children’s Day with many activities. In Vietnam, ChildFund has worked with communities to implement various initiatives to bring about positive changes to children and their families in the past 23 years. On this occasions, let’s have a look at what have been done at communities to reflect our commitment of creating lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children's rights.
In the past years ChildFund Vietnam has worked with local partners to create positive changes for children. Among the initiatives that contribute to these changes, we name the newly introduced Child Friendly Accountability framework as an example.  
It may sound strange to a lot of people that there is a World Toilet Day in the calendar. Indeed, 19th November is an official United Nations international observance day to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.
On Sunday (28/10/2018), the rugby competition under the framework of the Sport for Development – ChildFund Pass It Back has been held successfully in Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province with the participation of nearly 1.500 children and young people.
Since kindergarten age, children can understand the notion of money and may learn spending their petty cash. Teaching children how to manage their money since early stage will help them develop good habits and have better financial literacy in the future. The financial and budget management skills, however, have not received adequate attention in the current education of Vietnam.