Latest News
Mid in April 2019, ChildFund Vietnam and ACDC have organized a workshop on the rights of people with disabilities in Hanoi. This activity is organised under the scope of “We can” project sponsored by ChildFund Vietnam.
When you watch Serena Williams play on the court, you can’t help but be engulfed by a power and determination so fierce that any ounce of doubt you ever had about the tennis star slips into oblivion.
Marking 200 days to go until Rugby World Cup 2019, World Rugby and ChildFund, the principal charity partner for Rugby World Cup, have confirmed that a record GBP £1.5 million has been pledged to ChildFund Pass It Back, strongly showcasing rugby’s values.
ChildFund Vietnam is calling for children's participation in the Small Voices, Big Dream survey in Vietnam. This survey conducted by the ChildFund Alliance is one of the largest children's surveys on a global scale.
In the past week we all celebrated the World Children’s Day with many activities. In Vietnam, ChildFund has worked with communities to implement various initiatives to bring about positive changes to children and their families in the past 23 years. On this occasions, let’s have a look at what have been done at communities to reflect our commitment of creating lasting and meaningful change by supporting long-term community development and promoting children's rights.