Success stories
On the occasion of the lunar new year, more than 400 warm jackets have been delivered to pre-school and primary school children in Cu Le commune, Bac  Kan province thanks to support from the ChildFund sponsorship program. More than 8000 children in 13 project communes in Hoa Binh and Bac Kan province have also been given winter gift such as warm jackets, woolen gloves and hats.
"I love going to school. I can do morning exercises, have lunch with my friends. I play cooking and I draw cars” – Nguyen Thi Anh Thu, a 4 year old child in Luc Binh preschool in Bac Kan province said. “I love playing with toys, too!”
Every Thursday afternoon, Hang and her friends in Khau Ma village, Bac Kan province go to Child Club to take part in the activities. There, they enjoy some singing lessons, play sports and exchange their knowledge. Hang (in the middle) and her friends were in the Child Club
Hop Thinh is a farming commune of Ky Son district, Hoa Binh province, with a total land area of 930.1 hectares. In Hop Thinh, there are 940 households gathering in 13 villages. Among these villages, Tom is the one which locates far from the commune center. Due to the distance, the people here must cope with many difficulties in accessing information and their educational level is much lower than the communal average level.
March is the time when farmers in Bac Kan start to prepare for a new seasonal rice crop. The new rice crop takes around four months to grow, from late spring to the end of summer. Right after the Tet, (Vietnamese traditional New Year) holiday, the longest relaxing time in a year, the farmers in Na It village, Bac Kan province start their farming work.