Success stories
ChildFund Vietnam has been helping schools transform their playgrounds, gardens and classrooms using recyclable materials.
“The most important thing about a project is the villagers’ participation. If they can be involved in all steps from raising ideas about specific needs, designing the project model to address the problem and monitoring and evaluating the implementation of activities, they will be more responsible to protect it and use the water more effectively,” said Quang, a village leader and a member of the water supply system operation group.
Some of Ha Dinh’s earliest memories are of walking through the rough, muddy streets of rural neighbourhoods in northern Vietnam.
Writing letters builds friendships, self-esteem and basic literacy for children, and keeps sponsors in touch with their lives and progress. A complete exchange of letters takes about 16 weeks (six to eight weeks each way). This time allows for translation and transportation to and from the child, who may live in a remote area. We rely on a network of community volunteers to collect the letters and often deliver them on foot to each child.
Changes in teaching methodology have brought back positive outcomes for both teachers and students of Don Phong primary school in Bac Kan. On celebration of Vietnamese Teachers' Day, let's enjoy a story by Van, an experienced teacher from the school.