Children, defined as people below the age of 18 years, are most vulnerable to the harmful effects of poverty. From the time of birth until they grow into adulthood, they rely on their care-givers to provide protection and guidance. Recognising that children are the next generation of leaders, it is our responsibility to support their development and create better communities for them to inherit.
ChildFund Vietnam's role is to assist parents, families and communities to improve the wellbeing of their children. By ensuring that children have a safe, happy and healthy development, we provide them with a broader range of opportunities and prepare them to make positive contributions to their communities.

ChildFund understands that poverty is a complex problem that needs to be addressed with full community support. ChildFund assesses where its aid is able to flow without political, religious or bureaucratic obstacles and liaises with government and community members to assess where needs are the greatest. ChildFund Australia, in partnership with our ChildFund Alliance affiliates, then creates programs in consultation with community leaders to provide practical assistance to children, families and impoverished communities.