Child Sponsorship


Child Sponsorship is a fundamental part of ChildFund Vietnam's approach to community development.

Child Sponsorship provides a bridge for ordinary people in developed countries to help those in difficult circumstances around the world. Sponsors' regular contributions are pooled to provide the main source of funding for development programs and to bring sustainable benefits for children, families and communities.

By exchanging letters, sponsored children and their families in Vietnam create personal connections and gain insights into cultures from across the world. Sponsors receive updates on their sponsored children and the progress of ChildFund-supported programs.

They are also welcome to visit their sponsored children and see for themselves the difference their contributions make to communities.

All children who are part of ChildFund Vietnam's Child Sponsorship Program are protected by its detailed child protection policy and procedures, which govern all aspects of interactions between children, sponsors and ChildFund Vietnam personnel.

Each year, ChildFund Vietnam supports celebrations for all children (such as International Children's Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival).